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Моя любимая телепрограмма (My favorite TV program)

A very long time ago, when I still studied in elementary forms, I liked the TV program very much which was called «V mire zhivotnyx» (In the world of animals). Its leader many years was the remarkable person and outstanding scientist Nikolay Nikolaevich Drozdov. Unfortunately, now this tv program has not already existed. Many other TV programs about fauna and flora of our planet have come instead of it. They are not less interesting and even are more colorful and are rich with information, but I have the warmest memories about that TV program with the simple name «V mire zhivotnyx» (In the world of animals). Nikolay Nikolaevich told about all representatives of fauna without an exception with such love and tenderness as if they were his pets.

When we, spectators, saw such warm attitude of the TV program leader to animals we also started to love all live subconsciously. I could, after watching the TV program, go out of doors and observe ants who bore the burden, overcoming all obstacles on the way. I liked to watch them very much. I also liked to compare, as representatives of birds from various breeds communicated among themselves. Thanks to the TV program «V mire zhivotnyx» (In the world of animals) I learnt to see such a different life round myself, such a beautiful and many-sided nature. We go on the ground and we do not see that round us there are many other worlds that inhabitants of these small and big worlds have their cares, problems, pleasures and grieves.

From this TV program I learnt many tremendous things. For example that such beautiful and noble birds as swans, choose for themselves the spouse once for the whole life and if one of them dies another one rushes from height downwards and perishes. Also I learnt that some mammals can accept into the family and grow up the deserted cub from another's family though it is unusual for animals. It is possible to tell infinitely about wildlife miracles, but it is better most of all to observe it. Such TV programs, as «V mire zhivotnyx» (In the world of animals) are very useful for a modern spoilt TV viewer. They teach good and attention to our fragile live planet.

If all of us see similar TV programs more often our consciousness will change. I am sure that we will begin to love our big world more. Perhaps, we will learn to behave ourselves on the Earth, as kind and economical owners, instead of impudent and cleared up visitors. I appeal all people to choose for viewing kind TV programs about wildlife instead of severe or silly teleshows.


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